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Live Streaming Services

Tired of watching low quality live streams filmed on somebody's phone, with maybe one decent mic or just the phone's mic?

Want to deliver quality production to your audience?

We can help.

Streaming Studio

We have assembled a streaming studio featuring a stage large enough for a five piece band (maybe more) to perform while maintaining physical distancing of at least 6 feet.

We are wired for 48 channels of digital audio, professional production lighting and up to 8 cameras. Cameras are remotely controlled, unless the artist wants one handheld camera and operator for the shoot.

Interested in streaming from our studio, or want to shoot a video? Contact Us.

COVID 19 Concerns:

Our building is set up in 2 halves, with the studio in one half and control in the other. We do the bulk of the studio setup before the artists arrive, wipe surfaces down with disinfecting wipes or rags and bleach, and retreat to the control room side of the building. Artists use the studio entrance, and our crew use the shop/control room entrance.

As long as physical distancing requirements are in effect, personnel not directly involved in the production are not permitted in the building. 

See information on our operations around COVID 19, or use our Contact form to request more info.

Mobile Streaming Services

We bring our streaming rig to you.

Number of channels of audio, number of cameras, and lighting determined by your needs and goals for the shoot.

The first question we will ask you is if there is an internet connection available at your site, and if so, what your upload speed is. Please let us know the measured upload speed, using a tool such as SpeedTest, not the speed advertised by your internet provider.

Tell us what you want to do.

Streaming Equipment Sales, Setup and Consulting

Think you'll stick with this streaming thing for a while?


We can help you choose the right equipment for your needs. We can help you set up the cameras, lights and audio you need to produce high quality live streams from your facility. Such setups can be surprisingly affordable.

What can we do for you?

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