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Washington's Stay Home Order lists 

"Artists and musicians providing services through streaming or other technology." among essential workers.

We received guidance from the state that business activities that support the work of essential workers are also considered essential, so long as that work observes social distancing rules.

Here's how we are doing that:

Our shop is divided into two large, well ventilated spaces with a wall between. Stage is in one half of the shop and control is in the other.

The stage is 24' x 20', allowing a 5 piece band plenty of room to stay 6' or more apart. Larger bands may be possible depending on configuration and current limits on gatherings.


Vocal mic wind screens are boiled between shows, or bring your own. We also have spray sanitizer for the mics. On show days, we do our setup for whoever is coming in, then wipe down all contact points.


Crew all have masks, and we have masks available for guests who may need them. Some performers choose to wear masks while they play, while others are comfortable with physical separation only.

Once setup is done and we’ve done the sanitizing pass, crew enters and exits through the door on the control side and uses the restroom in a trailer on site. 


Shop restroom is professionally cleaned periodically, and touched up with sanitizing wipes and/or PineSol or bleach before performers arrive.  It is reserved for performers. Disinfecting wipes are provided, and we suggest performers wipe down surfaces before and after use.

Performers enter through the studio side door. Crew will remain on the control side of the building, except for one or two as needed for final mic adjustments and setting monitors, or camera work. Most of our cameras are remotely operated.

Due to the extreme limitations on the number of people we can have in one place, no one who does not have a designated role in the production can be in the building. Band members and crew only, until things open up a bit.

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