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Recording at True Tone

Yesterday Purple Mage came by the shop for a multitrack recording session. In addition to redundant multitrack recordings (Studio One and X-Live card on M32), they allowed us to use them as test subjects as we learn live multi-camera video recording & mixing. Here’s a peek at how that went.

Audio is a rough mix off the M32. Video was optimized for low bandwidth in hopes we could stream live from the shop. Our internet connection is not up to that job, or indeed even up for half the day yesterday.

We started with two cameras and later added a third.

here’s where we were near the end of the day

Mike Cloud ran the multitrack recording.

Paul Sullivan ran lights.

I mainly did the video, and had rather less attention for the live mix than I otherwise would have.

This stage will remain set up at our shop until 7 to 10 days before whatever date is announced for the end of restrictions on large gatherings. Stage is 24’ x 20’, so you can even stay 6’ apart as you record. Contact us if you want to use it for recording or a video shoot, or rehearsals. We have green screen available.

Next time: we optimize for highest quality.

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