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Want to play on the Fort Blanket Studios streaming series?

Here's what you should know:

We have no money to pay you. We are trying to keep the rent paid and the lights on at our shop so we can still be in business when shows and festivals open up again. You want a way to reach your fans while clubs and performance venues are closed. Let's help each other out.


Our crew is working for free. Our streaming series runs on a tip jar model. We have a tip jar, and if you have a paypal or venmo or other online tip jar account, we'll put that link up every time we put ours up. We are looking at paywall models, and may go that route in the future.

We're trying to keep the streaming free for bands because money should flow to the artist, but we're not even close to making rent from our tip jar, so if you have the ability to bring in some money (your own or a sponsor's), please do so.

We've had a lot of problems with Facebook Live streams getting shut down, so we are now running all shows through the our Vimeo account. Promote the event through your Facebook page and any other outlets you use, but let folks know the stream will be at the Vimeo link. We will promote the show on our Facebook page and our website. Shows are streamed to our site at

We are still working out how to make this service viable in the long term. The fees and terms on this page are subject to change. Whatever is here at the time of booking is what applies to that show.

All bookings are subject to preemption if we get a paying gig. We'll reschedule you as soon as possible if that happens, but we gotta pay the bills.

Optional Costs:

You do not have to choose these before the show.* You do not have to choose these to be booked. 

• If you want a basic edit of the live stream video, trimming the intro, intermission and credits duration and any pauses for technical difficulties (yours or ours), the fee is $100.

• If you want a feed to your Facebook page, the fee is $100. If Facebook shuts the feed down, we will provide you with the basic edit above at no additional charge.

• If you want each song edited out to a separate video, the fee is $400

• If you want only one or a few songs taken from the streamed video, the fee is $100 per song.

• If you want the multi-track audio, the fee is $200.

• If you want copies of all video recorded by all of our cameras that record (not all of them do), the fee is $300.

* This one you do need to choose beforehand, otherwise we do not record the individual cameras, just the main feed, so if you want the individual camera feeds we need to know to hit record on them.

• If you want the video re-edited using shots other than what went out live, or audio remix, let us know the scope (a song or two vs whole show) and we'll figure out charges.

We will keep video and audio for a minimum of two weeks, but each show generates a huge amount of data, so if we don't hear from you that you want it within that time, do not count on its continued existence.

The stream will remain visible for replay on Vimeo for a minimum of two days. After that, the full show will go behind a paywall and be viewable through our Patreon.

We reserve the right to use one or two songs from your show on our website and/ or Facebook page and/or YouTube to promote the series and our streaming services. 

All of the above applies to direct agreements with bands / artists only. It also is subject to change between the time you read this and the time we book you. We're still working out how this service will work. 

If you are a promoter/ producer looking to rent our studio, contact us for rates.

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